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Best Immigration Lawyers In Birmingham | Immigration Specialist Lawyer

We Understand How Important Immigration Is

We are a leading immigration practice and provide a high quality service with extensive experience.

AVA Immigration Services is committed to providing the best solution for its client whatever your needs. Our approach is second to none and we pride ourselves in putting our clients’ needs first, always.

We have a high success rate and you can be assured your matter will be dealt with professionally, with diligence and an innovative approach.

We deal with All Visa Applications and Appeal Matters so please contact us for assistance on 0121 673 2283 or

About AVA Immigration Services Ltd

Here at AVA Immigration we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding quality of services to each of our clients. We have highly qualified lawyers, boasting over 10 years of experience in the field, adept at dealing with all manner of immigration issues ranging from; nationality, citizenship, corporate immigration, sponsorship license,  business visas, human rights and deportation.

We appreciate the sensitivity of immigration matters and the anxiousness they can cause for you or your family which is why you should choose AVA Immigration to provide a first-class service during these uncertain times. Your case is ensured to be handled with great consideration and due diligence by one of our specialists.

Why work with us?

Amazing People

We are known for our considerate and professional approach toward clients.


We have over 10 years of experience to expertly help your cause.

Solid Foundation

We possess an in-depth knowledge on issues of immigration, ensuring we are equipped to address your needs.

Different Approach

We provide our clients with every available option possible to prioritize their personal choice.


Meet a lawyer in person

We pay careful attention to your needs, so contact us to discuss your immigration matters directly and be sure to receive tailored advice from one of our experts.

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Our Services

Family Visa

Family members of Non-EU nationals may come to the UK as dependants of British Citizens, persons with Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, or those with refugee status or humanitarian protection.

If you are the family member of a migrant who is working in the UK, or a parent of a child in the UK, you may apply for a visa to regularise your immigration status in the UK.

Corporate Services

Our highly experienced and accredited team can assist you with all your corporate needs. Our knowledgeable staff are educated on all current immigration legislation and requirements and are certain to provide specialist advice, tailored to your business.

We appreciate businesses require appropriate skills to grow, and we aim to help facilitate you in recruiting suitable talent from abroad to benefit your company.


We understand some unfortunate circumstances can’t be avoided and loved ones may be permanently separated from you or your family. Dealing with deportation is one of the most difficult issues that you or your family may face, which makes it paramount that you seek the right advice as soon as possible to ensure the best possible result.

Detention & Bail

You may be detained at an Immigration Removal Centre and facing removal from the UK if you arrived in the UK illegally, have overstayed in the UK because your visa has expired, or an asylum seeker who has exhausted appeal rights.

While detention may be necessary in some circumstances, for example, if there are strong reasons to believe you will not report to the immigration officials, there is a presumption in favour of bail and our expert team can help with your release.

Over 10 years experience dealing with
immigration law.